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Travelling abroad got an interesting & amazing experiences of tasting different and quality food, recipes and much more including sweets.the Arab food got a different taste and style of cooking. some foods are truly amazing as they are cooked on pure fire & coal. the food is healthy and tasty and it attracts the international tourists. the food in Tel Aviv is extremely tasty, and when you move little ahead to Gaza, the food is completely different & its taste will blow your mind, same as Cairo is with a little distance from Gaza, but its culture and food is completely different in taste. Travel to Cairo, Egypt is full of great tour experience, where you can enjoy the great restaurants, food recipes and the best weather. There are many nice restaurants located on Cairo beech, the evening lightening makes the beach very attractive, the slow wind creates truly nice environment at the Dinner timings.

Night life is a great fun, and if there are some attractive night tour and fun places, then it makes it more attractive for the travelers. Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, in summer time is absolutely fantastic experience, the flower smell in down town and night clubs is wow scene in Bangkok, there are almost 1 million tourists every single night in Bangkok from 250 countries around the world, this mixture of different cultures givens you an outstanding experience, and you learn a lot from new people, they are new because of their language and life style. Lady boys of the Bangkok city, are more interesting for the tourists, as they are unique in appearance and figure as compare to girls. Bangkok is also very famous for massage centers and its sex freedom environment, which makes the international tourists more attractive towards the Bangkok city, and millions travel Bangkok every month.

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