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Destination Overview:

Lusaka, the capital and largest city of Zambia, is one of the fastest growing cities of South Africa, Zambia. Lusaka might have been an undiscovered destination before but now has shown much progress in recent years and has collected plenty of reasons, which are enough to plan a tour to this city. Tourist attractions in the city includes several upmarket restaurants and bars, bustling city markets and many other spots that you would love to visit. For those who wish to spend some time among nature and wildlife, the city offers Lusaka National Park, where you will come across forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls along with thousands of species such as giraffes, zebras, blue wildebeest, eland, and rare white rhinos, wandering freely throughout the habitat, extreme adventurers should definitely try a lion walk and bungee jumping or abseiling. Another worth mentioning spot is Chaminuka Luxury Lodge and Game Reserve which provides a vast range of activities like, bird watching, fishing, bush walks and the most amazing of them all, ‘walking with cheetahs’. The city has many other parks having animals like pythons, huge crocodiles, turtles and many kinds of snakes as well. There are also various museums, shopping malls, parks & nature attractions including game lodges. If you are interested in clothes, jewelry, artworks and crafts, then don’t miss the Sunday crafts market, where you will have a fun time with your family or friends. You will also discover their selection of handmade souvenirs at this market. So if you are traveling in South Africa, then must visit this city, and you will never regret your time in Lusaka. Here are some of the top tourist attraction that you shouldn’t miss to visit such as, Embassy Park Presidential Burial Site, The Freedom Statue, Henry Tayali Gallery, Kabwata Cultural Village, Lusaka Notional Museum, Namwandwe Art & Sculpture Gallery, Munda Wanga Environmental Park, Sunday Crafts Market, Lower Zambezi National Park and Liyali Elephant Nursery.


1: Which airports serve flights from London to Lusaka, Zambia?

Airports that operate flights from London to Lusaka are, London Stansted, London City, London Gatwick, and London Heathrow airport.

2: Which airlines operate from London to Lusaka, Zambia?

Flights from London to Lusaka are operated by Multiple Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airiness, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Vice Versa.

Note:  there are many airlines that fly direct from London to Lusaka, Zambia, Like Air Zambia.

3: Which airlines offer more luggage from London to Lusaka, Zambia?

More luggage is offered by many airlines from London to Lusaka Zambia including Ethiopian Airlines, which is 46 kg, two pieces of 23 kg. The same baggage is offered by Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways but European Airlines such as LKM, Lufthansa and Air France offer maximum 23 kg to the customers flying from London to Lusaka Zambia

4: Flight Duration from London to Lusaka, Zambia:

Flights from London to Lusaka, Zambia duration is 16h and 40m approximately, but it also depends upon the weather condition.

5: Climate change when flying from London to Lusaka, Zambia:

If you are flying from London to Lusaka then you must consider the climate change, because of the Bad weather flight may delay. In case of bad weather please contact the airline customer service representative.

6: Where to buy cheap flights from London to Lusaka, Zambia?

Cheap flights from London to Lusaka Zambia, can be bought cheaper by using our fare comparison search engine, can be bought from 900 plus airlines comparison in just few steps.

7: How much is a flight from London to Lusaka Zambia?

Flights from London to Lusaka, Zambia are approximately £230 plus taxes, but it can be higher because of the highest travel seasons. Cheapest seasons from London to Lusaka are March, September, February and January, kindly consider booking your flights from London to Lusaka during these periods.

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