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Destination Overview:

Mombasa, is the second biggest and oldest city of Kenya, and is referred to the blue and white city in the country. It is the main city on the coast and should definitely not be missed. Mombasa is actually a city based on tourism, it has an international airport, and a huge port. This city is also a major regional tourism centre. Due to its location on Indian Ocean, It became a historical trading centre, which has been controlled by many countries because of its deliberate location. Mombasa has some striking historical places that will absorb the attention of its spectators. These historical places provide a stage of learning for those who wish to learn, and a fun site for those who are on vacation and wants to discover old ruins. In Mombasa, you will find the beach a step away from your hotel. The city offers luxury and comfortable hotels, with professionally trained staff and one of the best guest service. It has a summer season, almost the whole year, and you can always enjoy the beach. This pleasant weather will keep you happy and joyful, even after holydays. Mombasa is a city full of fun and enjoyment, Where there are innumerable entertainment spots, along with concerts as it is a place that attracts both international and national artists. Mombasa has many national parks, having a large variety of wild animals, from which you will have unforgettable memories. It has many restaurants offering mouthwatering delicious foods, including fresh seafood that you will find on the coast. In this city you will also be able to experience its specific artworks with a touch of foreign culture in it. Mombasa offers all of this and much more to its visitors, so if you are planning a tour to Mombasa, then here are some top attractions such as, Fort Jesus, Haller Park, Mombasa Marine National Park, North Coast Beaches, Old Town, South Coast Beaches, Mombasa Tusks, Mamba Village Centre, Bombolulu  Workshops and Culture Centre and Mombasa Go- Kart.


1: Which airports serve flights from London to Mombasa, Kenya?

Airports that operate flights from London to Mombasa are, London Stansted, London City, London Gatwick, and London Heathrow airport.

2: Which airlines operate from London to Mombasa, Kenya?

Flights from London to Mombasa are operated by Multiple Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airiness, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Vice Versa.

Note:  there are many airlines that fly direct from London to Mombasa, Kenya, Like Air Kenya.

3: Which airlines offer more luggage from London to Mombasa, Kenya?

More luggage is offered by many airlines from London to Mombasa Kenya including Ethiopian Airlines, which is 46 kg, two pieces of 23 kg. The same baggage is offered by Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways but European Airlines such as LKM, Lufthansa and Air France offer maximum 23 kg to the customers flying from London to Mombasa Kenya

4: Flight Duration from London to Mombasa, Kenya:

Flights from London to Mombasa, Kenya duration is 8h and 20m approximately, but it also depends upon the weather condition.

5: Climate change when flying from London to Mombasa, Kenya:

If you are flying from London to Mombasa then you must consider the climate change, because of the Bad weather flight may delay. In case of bad weather please contact the airline customer service representative.

6: Where to buy cheap flights from London to Mombasa, Kenya?

Cheap flights from London to Mombasa Kenya, can be bought cheaper by using our fare comparison search engine, can be bought from 900 plus airlines comparison in just few steps.

7: How much is a flight from London to Mombasa Kenya?

Flights from London to Mombasa, Kenya are approximately £225 plus taxes, but it can be higher because of the highest travel seasons. Cheapest seasons from London to Mombasa are March,September,February and January, kindly consider booking your flights from London to Mombasa during these periods.


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